Run a podSearch

Fetching Podcasts from a Search Query

Launch podSearch

Start a new search via 'File > Run podSearch'
You can also use '⌘ + P' on your keyboard

Search for a Podcast

If multiple results are found, click 'Fetch' next to the one you're looking for


View Fetch Call Results

A brief summary of the RSS feed can be seen after the call is made

Overwrite Existing Files

Existing entries are skipped by default and duplicate filenames are saved seperately.
You can overwrite files by checking this box prior to starting your download.

Change Audio Format

Choose to save your audio in 'MP3' or 'WAV' format
You can change this setting via 'Edit > Preferences > Downloading > Save As...'


Now this is podRacing!

You've learned all there is about podSearch

Need to fetch multiple shows? Try running a Fetch Queue

Got file links without an RSS feed? No problem, you can still save them by loading a Download Queue